The Worst Mobile Games

On very rare occasions do I ever visit the App Store anymore. I used to enjoy going to the App Store and seeing all of the great and booming mobile games that everyone liked. Well, times change…

Nowadays you try to look for a fun game on the App Store and you can never find anything good. It’s only copies of games, advertisement infested shells, or cheap cash grabs.

I can remember back in 2014, opening the App Store for the first time and seeing all of the Amazing games booming on the home page. You had all sorts of great games such as clash of clans or Jetpack Joyride. The way they looked and the reviews just made you say “I wanna try this out now!” That feeling to me was just so great to me, just experiencing that anticipation as you watch your app slowly finish downloading. It was amazing! Of course though, good things don’t last forever.

That brings us back to 2018. The year where mobile games were — with the exception of a select few like Fortnite, pubg mobile, csr racing 2, and brawl stars — at an all time low in quality and fun. Most games this year were just mindless one hand games that threw an ad in your face every chance they had. Literally, I could make a game similar to one of those games and make a decent amount of revenue in 30 minutes, but I won’t because it’s wrong.

Of course, I can’t change the mobile gaming industry, but I can hope for our last “teen” year will be the best. It’s crazy to think about it, but if you are reading this, then you will probably never experience another year ending in “teen” after 2019.

One final note, I am kinda new to this whole blogging thing so please don’t hate me if I didn’t do something right. Thanks for reading and leave any comments or suggestions for me if you want. Hope you come by again soon!